Today's Blossom

A gratifying journey

The journey has
taken several weeks,

interspersed with
ups and downs...

A sense of wonder
coupled with keen interest,

some hiccups...
the intense heat driving away
the butterflies,

delay due to
tumultuous natural elements,

plus a few 'hands on'
lessons on the way .

A 'one-of-a-kind' journey,
with a handful of
fragrant fennel seeds.

Monarch of the skies

The deafening sound
broke the silence.

Something rolled down
and landed at my feet.

The piece was the work
of a very busy artist,
holding sway over
a pristine blue sky,
using  heat-tipped
arrows to etch
ridges and swirls
and singeing
rays to affix
shades of brown,

sending across a message,

look upwards...
I hold the upper hand.

The sun has its say.

One minute reads-6

They've been
looking forward
to their release,
for days, weeks, months...

There's much to be done,
large areas to cover...
to joyously bounce and roll.

Down below...
impatience, panic
and anger have grown.

Up above,
imprisoned raindrops
are trying hard,
to pull away from a force
refusing to let  go.

One minute reads-5

The singer arrived,
gazed around
at the audience
and began a solo
The  trilling overhead
made the Bougainvilleas
flutter wildly.

In a faraway high perch,
some winged visitors
added their contrasting,
background notes.
The music stopped
when the harsh noise
of canines on a stroll,
struck a jarring note.

Black Drongo singing -
My small, happy world...

One minute reads-4

Attack! Attack!

The target field
was vast.

It included...
roofs and floors,
walls and  windows,

the soil, the roots,
the stem, trunk, branches,
leaves, buds,
flowers, fruits.

Birds turned restless.
Water disappeared.

The wind joined
the attack.

A pair of eyes looked down
and spotted the
very-visible enemy.


A 50-word tale.

One minute reads-3

The waiting continues...

They look heavenward
for some signs.

Grey clouds appear,
and appear again.

A cool wind arrives
tickling the leaves,
rocking the flowers.

Birds screech...
the eagerly-awaited event
could happen anytime.

The buds shout a welcome
to bouncy raindrops
but the sun above
breaks the spell.

A 50-word tale.

One minute reads-2

The blossoms were ready
and so too was the
colour palette.

The colours waited anxiously.

The purple and blue were
sure of being chosen.

The black had faith
in its uniqueness.

The red had no doubts at all.

The pink, white, green
and yellow, remained silent

and then...went missing.

A 50-word tale.

One minute reads-1

After being cosseted
by  tufts of green,
the tender rays of the
morning sun,
brushed by cool air
from the water sprayer,
turned this way and that
by curious birds,
tickled by rows of
marching ants,
pressed against the noses
of hungry squirrels,
I've finally decided to take
a break.

A 50-word tale.

Unwelcome gift

White roses grumble.
Ugly wrinkles and brown patches.
Sun sends 'New-look' kit.

Nature weaves tales-7

Deep into the dark hours,
when thunder holds its
impromptu concert,

a bounteous coconut tree
takes a hit...
a cruel dart of lightning.

The fronds are drying fast
and the forecast seems bleak.

After waiting many months
for the revival of this
stolid giant in the backyard,
hope falls as the termites arrive
and even wet sacks draped
over, offer no succour.

After a long gap...
during which, the empty space
where the tree once stood,
begins to prey on my mind,

a bright flowering plant,
making its mark elsewhere
is transplanted to the spot

but to my luck, it has
a mind of its own,
bettering even the
lightning-struck coconut tree
at the pace at which it
began to dry  up
and after many futile months
of keeping my fingers crossed,

just when I concluded
that the fateful spot,
had better be left empty,

Nature stepped in,
with its rejuvenation brigade,
armed with green sootheners,
to lift my spirits.

Summer exhibit

Searing  winds of May.
           Velvety lawn  shows off its
                   new sunlit border.

               Hot wind passes by.
       Yellow blossoms, russet leaves,
                party on green dais.

Nature weaves tales-6

Gifts bearing that 'special' tag,
cosily resting,
tucked away,  neatly,
in hay-filled boxes,
are biding their time.
After periodic cosseting, of being turned
this way and that,
plus the unleashing of many sensorial tales, involving those 'ooh and aahh!' filled eyes
and twitching noses,
one sunny morning, when the glittering wall outside,  painted by the sun, matches their golden sheen, they are ready for a send off.

Some have already been  filched, by cunning birds and ever hungry squirrels
but the quintessential flavour of this season's soft, chemical free, mesmerizing golden chunks,
(sliding their way through, a beckoning tongue,
which rolls in merriment,
coating the queueing tastebuds  which demand more and more),
brings out an irrepressible urge in many a mind to sing paeans in praise of...
the King of fruits,

the all pervasive fragrance and
memorable flavour,
inching its way past
many barriers,

foecefully, driving away,
hard-hitting pockets of heat.

 Mango ta…

Summer sights

Soft green and tough brown                          spar, as the fiery sun cuts
           across blue expanse.

             Young green coconut
     dreams of an Earthy brown tan.
               The sun obliges.

Nature weaves tales-5

There's an eerie stillness.
My eyes try to pierce the
dark blanket spread outside .

The wind has disappeared.
The stars are missing.
I am reminded of a
book that I had read.

My eyes close and
the first rays of the sun
has me stepping outside.

When I begin to think
I know every nook and cranny
in my small patch of green,

a nocturnal scaly visitor,
slithering by noiselessly,
has left behind something,
very different from the
bright leaves and
sparkly flowers,
the soft buds and juicy fruits,
something to remember,
a piece of skin,

giving  everyone goosebumps
and an endless list of...
how, when, why?

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Summer show

Daily search begins.
            Closed petals await the sun.
              Green giant holds show.

Notes from Summer - 2

Cool rain and fresh breeze.
Sparkling leaf. Wet soil. Damp feet.
Sun grins. Dream shatters.

Summer camp

                        enjoy summer
                   camp with birdsong
               playful wind, sunny grins,
              falling leaves, buzzing bees,
                busy insects, away from
                     dust, noise, crowds,
                         vehicle fumes.
                              The petals


First slivers of dawn. Wistful petals look around.
       Crafty sun tiptoes.


A day to remember.
Heat layers arrive.
Hungry birds flutter up.
Curious butterflies watch.

Heat layers arrive.
Soft petals droop.
Curious butterflies watch.
'Shush,' says the hot wind.

Soft petals droop.
Baby squirrels scamper.
'Shush,' says the hot wind.
A green gift beckons.

Baby squirrels scamper.
Fresh 'tender coconut' water.
A green gift beckons.
Clinking glasses.

Fresh 'tender coconut' water.
Hungry birds flutter up.
Clinking glasses.
A day to remember.

Pearly smiles

Tender buds arrive.
The Jasmine plant works extra hard.
One more day to go.
The sun watches over.

The Jasmine plant works extra hard.
Creamy specks peek out.
The sun watches over.
Hot landscape holds breath.

Creamy specks peek out.
Dawn tiptoes in.
Hot landscape holds breath.
Fragrant white blooms smile.


Gentle dawn offers         packs of golden stimulants.               Sample the outdoors.

Will it?

One look outside
says it all.
The sun in a mellow mood
has decided to take off
to new areas.

Grey clouds make merry
but the clever sun saunters back,
now and then, to
keep them in check.

Noticing a forlorn looking,
once green pal below,
smart grey clouds arrive
at a quick decision.

It's  time to
step up their act...
for the umbrella dance
and paper boat races
to begin

but the 'waiting-in-the-fold'
wind, wanting to
draw attention to itself,
has already made plans.

Entering with gusto,
it blows the errant clouds away
and the sun, witnessing this,
arrives with a sigh,

a sigh, that signals 'no rest'
and decides to finish its task...
filling the sand with patterns.

Far far away, kids at play,
notice thunder clouds
hovering ominously above and
gaily stretch out their arms,
in a bid to catch the
cool raindrops, long awaited,
while sceptical grandpa,
shaking his head in disbelief,
demands to know...
are they are real?

Nature weaves tales -4

A curious voice...

"What happened?"
"Why are these two inside?"

Twin coconuts with heads shaved
are taking a break...
resting in homely environs.

Outside, the hungry crows,
noisy mynahs and hopping babblers,
foraging with their sharp beaks,
are ready to tunnel holes
to take their fill of scoops of
delicious coconut water.

The familiar squirrel quartet,
their tails swaying,
peeping through the foliage overhead
want their share too.

Many many tailed vistors,
roaming around the green patch,
are left wondering...
where is the
mid-morning snack accompaniment
they had spied yesterday?

the twin coconuts
used to the intermingled,
chirruping and cawing notes,
now listen to ring tones.

A Sunny Postcard

The  sun sounds the gong.
Green, orange and brown compete.
            Painted wings triumph.


Night pitches black tent.
    Yellow blossoms share secrets.
          Mischievous stars wink.

The sun prevails

It seemed as if...
the air had turned balmy.

Darkened sky on one side,
shiny blue and white expanse
appearing extra bright
on the other.

Patches of sunlight
sprinkled over the soil
went missing.

Looking up...
I wondered,
who would reign?

It seemed as if...

but bunches of
sparkling, sun drenched
yellow heads bowing merrily,
to the ruler of the skies,
revealed the truth.

Nature weaves tales-3

The yellow speck
was visible on
the green grassy carpet
from mid morning.

Curious eyes watched
from a distance.

Was it hurt?
Why was it lying still?
Would another one arrive?

The hours ticked away.
It was time to investigate.

An endless line of smiles
kept darting out
as eyes gazed downwards.

A dainty yellow blossom
lay in repose
drawing watchful eyes
into dreaming of butterflies
that dropped by
not long ago.