Today's Blossom

Hear them calling!

Here they are,
the big ones and the small ones,
appearing singly or in groups,
precursors to dazzling flowers,
a kaleidoscopic range of
fragile buds...
parading their
their eye-catching colours,
unique designs,
their varied arrangements, plus some mysterious secrets and scents.

Do spend a minute
to observe them closely,
for their transformation
may happen
tomorrow or the day after.

One minute reads-9

Today's diary:
Busy ants
completing their project:
the outline of a tree.

Shh! Can you wait?
I am not fully awake yet.

The sky is a dull grey but I'm
having fun peering at it,
through chinks in the
green canopy.

Those terrible mornings!

Expressing the views
of those around...

Humidity deserves an award
for breaking previous records,
with the rain yet to
decide on a reappearance
and the sun,
embedding its forceful stamp,
in every nook and cranny.

Meanwhile, in the far corner,
a statement is being made.

What could it be?
"Heat and humidity do not matter."

Nature weaves tales-12

The venue: A school campus

The race is about to begin.

The whistle blows but
where are the children?

A little away...
young heads are busy watching
a spectacular scene.

"Shh! Quiet!"
whispers a voice,
"I need to count."

"They're having a meeting,"
insists an excited voice.

"It's meditation,"
adds another.

forming groups,
practising the moves for
putting up a show,

allowing time for digestion to
be complete,
having an afternoon  nap."
"I think there's something
special in the mud," whispers
a totally engrossed voice.

The voices continue...

Suddenly, the winged beauties
flutter away
curious minds hang around,
hoping they would return.

A lone butterfly,
on a nearby plant,
a silent observer,
seems to be saying...
"I can fly but can you?"

A Certificate

The picture frame,
high up and above, has been
drawing attention.

A certificate of appreciation...
for the many many  tales,
that spring to  mind,
at first sight.
Fresh sprigs of green make it
to the highest level.
An innovative artist wins accolades
for capturing the shiny aura.
A takeover bid.
Small grey specks have
all the skills.
A fading blue bids adieu,
as its scintillating show ends .

It happens...

a tree that's been there for long,
tends to be ignored
or is taken for granted

and when it suddenly falls,
after an overnight pounding,
by  a combined duo  -
the wind and the rain,
the outpouring of emotions,
visible inside my eye,
would run to pages.

There are moments, when,
such feelings,
have to be temporarily put aside,

for it offers an opportunity

to admire the thick foliage
that would otherwise be
high up, out of reach
and examine the many
delicate buds nestled inside,
which, unfortunately,
will never unfurl.

The wrenching pain returns,
as I imagine the manner in which
it was torn off
from the trunk,
with what was probably
a  loud, screeching noise,

which was masked
by the fierce thunderstorm,
that raged outside
in the middle of the night,


I was deep inside...
the land of  Nod.

Endless chatter

The conversation went on ...

The listener's eyes
remained glued to the scene
while her mouth moved,
as the various parts
were pointed out.

Adult: Here are the roots.
Child: Oooh!

Adult: They call it 'the stem'.
Child: Aah! So strong.

Adult: See the branches spread out.
Child:  Ha, ha!  Dancing to the wind.

Adult: Touch and feel the leaves.
Child: Shh! The ants are playing.

Adult: See the baby buds
Child: Open, open!  See me.

Adult: A happy red flower.
Child: Wow! May I touch it?

Adult: Someone has seen it first.
Child: Hey! I'm willing to share.

Nature smiles...
as endless tales
are spun in its midst.

Subduing the grey

A cloudy day but...

soft wings, agile feet,
fair petals - collaborate.
Sunny patches sing.

A day-long performance

The soggy bougainvilleas
have news to share:

A dull, grey morning
with a slight drizzle,  just beginning.
The birds have gone missing. 
Darkness creeps into the 'once sunlit' spaces.
The slightly wet landscape savours the aura that portends rain.
A 'rain induced' lethargic air seeps in through the windows.
The water from the taps is different... the cold feel offers a peek into that 'fresh face' of Nature,
bringing goosebumps.
The once hot air has given way to cool draughts, which serve as smile inducers
replacing those 'heat-weary' sighs.
The wet walls  seem happy  to shake off the layers of dust.

The sparkly sand shows off its new, 'more natural' texture.
The 'new look' tree trunk is enjoying the water art.

The tiny, 'musically inclined' puddles,
vy with each other,  to grow bigger and muddier.

The lingering flavour of
steaming cups of tea
and hot pakoras...

all speak of
many more, upcoming shows, as those thunderous clouds,

Not just a tree

The trees are whispering...

we need to do something
to draw attention

and their strategy has worked.

The 'oohs and aahs,'
are spontaneous.

A 'bleeeding'- traumatized tree.

Once upon a time - The Dino World

One minute reads-8

'We're  busy working
on a magic spell,'
whisper the tiny droplets.

Days pass by
with no one noticing
the difference,

until one morning,
a long  withered tree,
given the thumbs down,
shows glimpses of  magic -
tiny green sprigs.

Eyes exclaim...
What a spell!
Rain fast tracks
Nature's revival project.

A pack of smiles

Today's jottings:

An overcast sky
and havoc caused
by micro-sized allergens.

The pollen are everywhere
and so are those...
watery eyes,
runny noses,
sneezing fits

but someone...
who remained hidden
all of last night,
enjoying the soft drizzle,

has just now decided,
it's time for a comeback

and has begun
releasing a pack of smiles
this morning,
insisting that, you be at hand
to receive some.

A battle in the sky

"Jumped out of my skin,"
would suffice
to describe the events
which unfolded last night.

Like a million flashing cameras,
lightning opened its act,

playing upon my nerves,
lighting up darkened windows,
making the room sway
dizzily with psychedelic lights.

Just when I thought
it had stopped,
a raging thunderbolt rattled
the skies above,
raining high decibel hammers
that refused to die down,

amidst a downpour
that rose to  a crescendo,
matching the tempo of
the battle raging overhead,

gradually dropping to
soft 'now and then' notes,

until thunder and lightning
with a grim sort of determination,
joined forces to gain
a stranglehold,
over the fast paced act
in a dramatic fashion,

making my head ache,
lulling me into a
restive doze.

The morning sun's
gentle  beams,
playing upon my cheeks,
I've brought something
to calm those frayed nerves.

Nature adds depth

There is leaf litter strewn all over.

The crow doing its
morning rounds,
has dropped white patches,
here and there.

The heat and accompanying
humidity seem to hang around,
refusing to leave.

A lone 'attention seeking' crow,
high up on its favourite,
green swaying ledge,
has been repeating
its chorus line,
almost hitting the half century mark
since the first glimpse of dawn

but all these grumblings lie forgotten,

as I stand and stare from afar,

at what looks like
a piece of coloured,
patterned fabric,
framed against a green background,

adding depth
as a glorious morning
opens its curtains.

Warm regards

Once draped in
sparkly, yellow blossoms

but now,

showing off a soft, green garb,


tempting patches of shade,
for passersby on motorbikes,

hidden perches
for birds to indulge in endless chatter,

twisted pathways
for restless squirrels,
to sharpen their scampering skills,

slender branches,
arching up towards the sky,
for a gusty wind to
display its prowess,

a landmark
that inevitably beckons,
along with the
morning stimulant - tea

it remains,
ever truly...

a companion,

I look up to.

The  'Golden Shower' tree,
waves its many green arms,
welcome to my green kingdom.

Nature weaves tales-11

"My favourite slippers
are wet and muddy,"
grumbles a voice.

"Shh! Never mind.
Look down carefully.
Your tiny seed has finally woken up,"
soothes another.
A tale unfolds...

The canvas above
has a finished look.
Darkness has filled in the gaps.

The house turns silent.

My eyes gaze outside,
though the window mesh,
trying to make sense of the
blackened mosaic overhead,
silent, except for
occasional sounds from
an almost 'pet-like' frog.

Outside, the hot sand,
cries, silently, for a
long withheld lifeline.

My eyes close and
images - those bottles of hope -
float, gently past, in my dream.

Hours slip past...

Sudden drum beats
of thunder, humming the tune,
'gonna love taking
the centre stage...'
make tired eyebrows move.

My eyes open.

Softly descending raindrops,
call out to darkness...

'am here to give you company.'

Thunder agrees.
Lightning follows suit.

As dawn enters,
the aroma of wet sand
mingles with the flavour of
steaming cups of coffee.

Decision Making

Wind sends an invite.
Soft, fluttery wings dither.
Yellow, green or pink.

Nature weaves tales-10

Will you listen?

A, B, C, D.............Z

Which alphabet should
I choose to describe this
'will not budge' heat?

The hot wind whispers.
P. ..pulverize or

"Forget such dismal thoughts,"

whispers someone
from the far corner,
reminding me of the
colour of vanilla ice cream.
"The heat has brought me out
to make you smile."

The decision is made
I choose 'S' ... Serenity.

Excited Voices: Van Mahotsav

Some green and yellow fruits,
dot the leaf litter.
A group of feathered friends have
succcessfully accomplished
their part and left.
From then on,
it is simply a matter of
more and more growth,
as those tiny n' tender
neem saplings take shape,
spreading over the area, their sparkly green colour,
awakening many a tired eye,
plus conveying a joint statement...
we are ready
for a celebration of LIFE,

for the Van Mahotsav -
a yearly tree-planting drive,
a festive occasion too.

Muddied hands are itching to begin.
Spades, trowels,  buckets,
caps and posters are lined up.