Today's Blossom

Nature sparkles

A day when the morning sun
is giving its dazzling rays
a bit of extra polish...

Stepping out to pluck some flowers,
I notice something strange.

Oh! A morning visitor
decked in all finery.

A visitor who displays
prowess in climbing
A visitor who goes into hiding
for a while...
who, to my luck,
decides to venture out again.

I stare dumbstruck
at the agility and the maneuvering,
at the dexterity and  fine motor skills,
at the determination
of the curious explorer,
making its way up,
at the awesomeness of creation.

There's never a dull moment
in the midst of nature!

The tale of a fallen tree

The child stumbled
and fell down flat.

There was no one around.
He screwed up his eyes
and gently rubbed the bruise.

He then...
dusted his knees and his trousers,
and walked away.

The tree fallen down flat, nearby,
sighed in despair...
if only, it could do the same.

Nature creates a toy

Nature's own toy
is up for display.

Very interesting to note the making of it
and the creativity of the mind involved.

The apertures and the balance
are just  perfect.

Beguiling Nature...
comes up with something new
every morning
in patches of green.

Lane discipline

Seriously speaking...
we may be tiny but
observing lane discipline
is a matter of utmost importance to us.
Hello there!
Is anybody listening to our theory?

Nature makes you smile

Frankly, I am a bit nonplussed
and it's going to take a while
to find my bearings.

The blue/green colour seems strange
and I am longing to get out .
Ah! Finally I've made it
and then...
I am ready to groove,
to rehearse my moves
and repeatedly practice
my favourite song,
readying your mind
for the many sleepless nights,
right beneath your bedroom window.


At first glance it seems simple...
Oh! Just a flower.

A closer look reveals
the hard work, the effort,
that has gone into the making...
the intricate pattern,
the tucks, the folds,
culminating in a unique plus
delicate n' fragile arrangement
that your eye simply refuses to let go.

You begin to wonder and question...
How on Earth was it achieved?

Overawed by Nature's workmanship!

Choosing a path

A visitor making his way
over the lush grass, a new territory,
showing off his dark garb,
seems to be making a statement.
Look closely. You'll find that
I prefer treading/creating my own path.
I do try to stand out...
just like my friend, the snail.

Green medicine

After a long journey
in a winged machine,
soaring at great heights,
with my legs longing
for freedom from
cramped confines,
a refreshing spectacle
draws my travel weary legs.

The sight makes me
jog my memory...

going  back to celebrating
those colour days,
of tiny hands
running out lugging a basket.

To fetch the maximum
number of colours...
be it an assortment of leaves,
flowers, stones or seeds.


My eye chances upon
a few pieces of craft -
enjoying the sunny outdoors,
the other...
in air conditioned comfort
and adding to the beauty of a wall.

Each requires special skills,
loads of patience and
years of practice.

Each, a telling example of
the fruits of toil, in its own way.

Nature unleashes
a class of masterpieces...
standing proud, alongside,
traditional craftsmanship.

A trayful of memories

The tray packed with dates arrived
and one look at the tray
brought back memories of
sparkling n' mischievous eyes...

of eyes waiting impatiently
for many many days,
eager for the batch of seeds to sprout.

One bright, sunny morning,
when  the sunflowers
were nodding their cheery hellos,
cajoling the sun to turn their  way,
a pair of sandal clad, little feet
dashed into the garden,
over the soft and dewy  grass,
beneath the canopy of the orange tree
to have a look,
with eyes posing the question...
'Will today be the day?'

Sudden screams
and an agitated childish voice
had me stumped for a minute.

'Oh no!'
'So scary!'
'Go away you nasty creatures!'
'Who is the mischief maker?'
'Who spoilt my little garden?'
'I thought it would look beautiful!'
'Where did the tentacles come from?'

One look at the tray,
had me trying hard
to control my laughter.

A little explanation,
followed by a closer look
ended with a...

Oh wow!
How s…